Our diving club – Reading BSAC – was formed in 1954 (registered as club number 0028 of the British Sub-Aqua Club), and we are the oldest branch in the Reading area.

We are a non-profit-making scuba club, run by our members for our members.

We welcome qualified divers and beginners alike to become members: qualified divers can join us on our regular diving trips, and beginners can train with us to become Ocean Divers and beyond.

We offer

  • A dedicated clubhouse – Designed and built by club members, our clubhouse facilities include: boat store, equipment room, compressor area, lecture room, licensed bar and more.
  • Qualified instructors – With a mixture of Advanced, Open Water and Assistant Instructors we have the ability to train members from beginners all the way to Advanced Divers. Plus, we have the capability to run a number of BSAC Skill Development Courses in-house.
  • The experience of having trained over 1000 divers – Our Advanced and Open Water Instructors have a wealth of experience and knowledge in teaching scuba diving.
  • An integrated diving, training and social environment – we have very active diving and social calendars each year.
  • A membership who decide where and when they want to dive – Members who are BSAC Dive Leaders and above can organise dive trips anywhere in the UK and Overseas.
  • Access to two club ribs and other diving equipment – We can supply all the equipment required for the Ocean Diver sheltered water training. Plus having our own boats gives us a lot more flexibility and opportunities when it comes to organising dive trips and providing different training courses.
  • Our own compressor facility – Operated and maintained by the Equipment team, our compressors supply members with excellent quality, dry air and nitrox cylinder fills all-year-round.

Typical UK scuba diving trips include: North and South Cornwall, West Bay, Portland, Plymouth, Eyemouth, Isle of Mull, Isle of Mann and the Isles of Scilly. We have also ventured to more exotic locations, which have included: Egypt, Norway, East/West Coast of USA, South Africa, Australia, Micronesia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, and the Mediterranean.