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Barbary Pirates and Women at Sea Talks

A huge thanks to our very own Steve Clarkson who volunteered to share some of his extensive knowledge of historical maritime events at two talks that took place at the clubhouse. The first talk on Thursday 18 February was on the Barbary Pirates and the second talk on Thursday 17 March was on the Role […]

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Newly Qualified Compressor Operators

As it is vital that we can continue to fill cylinders and maintain the compressor to the highest standards, we ran a BSAC Skill Development Course on Compressor Operation on Saturday 12 March at Palmer Park.

The day was for complete beginners and for members who already have the qualification but wanted to refresh their knowledge […]

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BSAC in-water rescue sequence update

BSAC is now recommending the following in-water rescue sequence:

Give one minute of rescue breaths (10 rescue breaths)

If no spontaneous breathing returns, either:

(i) Tow the victim to shore as quickly as possible without further rescue breaths
(ii) Continue on the spot with approximately 10 rescue breaths per minute, until support from rescue boat or helicopter arrives to […]

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IMASS Shipwreck Conference

A number of us over the years have attended this event, and this year four merry souls headed west for what has become a milestone for divers, archaeologists and salvors in the depths of the UK winter on Saturday 6 February. Not only that, it also happens to be a great place to catch up […]

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Congratulations to our newest divers

Just before the end of December 2015, Andrew Boulton and Tim Chesher joined the diving fraternity as newly qualified Ocean Divers. Congratulations to both of them for all their hard work.

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Beale Park Show

Some boats, a previous DO and a lot of dogs…

We thought we would take the opportunity to set up a stand at Beale Park Boat Show as a way to raise awareness of the club at a local event, since we were offered it FOC it seemed worth a go.

Emma and Paul went on Friday […]

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Devon and Severn IFCA: Diving Permit Byelaw

Divers are being advised that a new Diving Permit Byelaw has been introduced by the Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA).

Under the terms of the byelaw, divers may not remove any crab, lobsters or scallops from any fishery within the Authority’s district otherwise in accordance with a permit issued by the Authority. […]

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I’m No Hero, I’m just the Training Officer

Over my diving career of some 28 years I have been called many things, fruitcake lady, pickled onion lady, sweetie monitor, soup dragon, grumpy old bird, but I’m proud to be called “Training Officer”.

I started my diving career in September 1984 with the “A” test, progressed through snorkel training and then to SCUBA. Taking my
first […]

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Club Awards 2011

Congratulations to this year’s winners of our prestigious annual club awards.

The winners in 2011 were:

Sean Clarke  – Trainee of the Year
Nigel Howard – Club member of the Year
Sue Mitchell – Diver of the Year

All three thoroughly deserve this recognition of their achievements.



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Annual Club Awards 2010

The winners of the Annual Club Awards were announced out the Christmas party on Saturday 11 December.

Well-deserved congratulations go to:

Club Member of the Year – Neil Knight
Trainee(s) of the Year – Pete Cleeton and Lee Stickland
Diver of the Year – Colin Matthews

At least one winner was seen christening their whiskey glass before the end of […]

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