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Sea Search Course

In October, Paul Fiander organised a seasearch observer course to be run at out clubhouse, which was run by Chris Wood, the National Seasearch Coordinator and was attended by 25 club members.

Seasearch is a project which has been set up under the umbrella of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and is aimed at getting divers […]

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The Cove

This one had me in tears and very quiet for some time at the end.

This film was showing at the Picturehouse in Oxford and whilst many have criticised it for being one sided I felt that this was rather unfair comment. There are not many positive slants you can put on the mass slaughter of […]

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The End of the Line

Following on from Mark Bradfield’s talk on overfishing and finning in relation to Sharks a group of us decided to go to South Hill Arts Centre in Bracknell to watch ‘The End of the Line’ which follows Charles Clover, a reporter as he confronts politicians and celebrity restaurant owners over their disregard for sustainable fish […]

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Palmer Park Update

As many of you will know, our Palmer Park clubhouse has not always looked the way it does today.
A bit of background for those who don’t!
Up until 2008, our club had been using the old swimming baths at Kings Meadow as our clubhouse. (It was originally built in the Edwardian era and it was certainly […]

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Shark Trust Talk

The Shark Trust aims to conserve shark populations through science, education, influence and education and therefore works with the general public, divers, boat owners, politicians and fishermen.

We were joined by Mark Bradfield, the regional secretary of the Shark Trust for a talk entitled ‘Dangerous, or endangered?’. This was a well attended evening and we all […]

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Membership Fees and Common Renewal Date

Club membership is being moved to a Common Renewal Date of the 1st April.

We are endevouring to get everyone moved to this renewal date for 2010.

The reasons for doing this are as follows:

Create a once a year process to carry out the core of the branch membership administration
To help ensure all paperwork is filled correctly […]

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Half a marathon and a whole curry

At the end of last year, a number of club members rather rashly agreed to run the Reading Half Marathon. As the weeks went by, runners were left at the road with various injuries and illnesses. But a few persevered, and this is my report on running my first, and possibly last, half marathon.

I arrived […]

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Changes to Club Night and Training Facilities

Since October 2008 the club pool training facilities have moved from the Central Pool to Crosfields Pool and have changed from Wednesday nights to Monday and Thursday nights.

Due to the change of training nights, it has been agreed that from January 2009 our traditional weekly club night will also move from a Wednesday to a […]

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Burns Night Social Event – Saturday 24 January

Just into 2009 and we are already holding a new event in celebration of Burns Night. And what better occasion to also hold a Whiskey Tasting Evening! There will be the traditional haggis with neaps and tatties at a cost of £5 per person.

For those wishing to take part in the whiskey tasting there will […]

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Diving Officer’s New Year message

As I am now well into my last year in the post of DO, I wanted to take a brief retrospective look at the 2008 season before looking forward to the 2009 diving season.

Firstly I would like to thank all those who have taken on the marshaling this year, as well as the equipment team […]

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