We had chartered Maid Maggie II for our weekend trip and I felt that we were quite lucky to have made it to the coast as there had been rather too much wind in the run up to the weekend. In the marina on Friday night I was asked for flat, calm water, great visibility, dolphins and a dancing lobster. For anyone who has been diving in the UK ,towards the end of October, you will know that this was a tall order and one I giggled at and dismissed.

Saturday morning arrived and due to the conditions we decided to get out to Hand Deeps, which didn’t disappoint. We had 10 metre visibility, loads of fishes and jewel anemones a plenty and it was flat! We then started to come back inshore to do a new dive for us, near fairy lands that was recommended by some marine biologists, so it had to be good.

Typically, as I went to use the facilities there was lots of shouting and as I emerged from below deck I saw we had a number of dolphins right alongside the boat which then they played in the wake for a while. What a beautiful sight. I couldn’t believe that on the first morning we had ticked off three out of four of the rather outlandish requests!

Sunday flattened off further and we decided to do the Persier in the morning . I spotted a huge conga and a rather large lobster but it wasn’t dancing! Then, when swimming past one of the boilers I spotted a crayfish. I thought this was quite exciting and when I showed him to the others there was a bit of underwater dancing -so there you had it, a kind of dancing lobster!

Obviously we had achieved everything by this stage but still had a final dive to do near the Mewstone. This was a gully which was littered with pink sea fans and the pink sea fan nudibranch seemed to be everywhere, once you got your eye in!

We had a fabulous weekend. Great visibility, a fantastic boat (Maid Maggie) and skippers (Glen and Ashley)and great fish and chips at Rockfish. What more could you ask for!