In order for club to continue to flourish, we like to encourage as many members as possible to organise both day and weekend diving expeditions.

Diving from the club boats in particular is a highly cost effective way to get out to sea and do some ‘real’ diving. You only have to look at the costs of diving at Easter for example to realise that the club should really try and make use of its boats at every opportunity.

You don’t necessarily need to be an experienced diver to organise a trip, often the logistical side of setting a trip up is quite time consuming, especially if accomodation bookings, getting deposits off interested parties and keeping some accounts are required. In the end its all valuable experience as you head toward future qualifications. It also takes the load off of those who often organise the trips because they happen to tow or train divers.

In order to get some diving arranged using the club boats, you need the following:

  • At least a Dive Leader or Advanced Diver to officially Marshall the trip and to oversee the diving
  • A clear plan of the diving agreed with your main Marshall – Site / Depth / Diving Grade
  • Towers for the boat(s) – Active Towers
  • Sufficient Boat Handlers (At least 2 per boat) – A significant number of the club membership have done the course
  • The right mix of divers, you clearly need some qualified instructors on board if you plan to open your trip to all grades

Once you have put in place these above logistical aspects of the planning, you can get your dive list signed off by the DO and put up on the board and an e-mail out to the members.

If you have a vehicle suitable for towing and have the opportunity to complete the clubs boat handling course and get some practice then clearly you can fulfill some of the above criteria yourself even if you can’t yet officially Marshall the trip.

Organising a Hardboat trip is slightly easier, in that you don’t require the towers and boat handlers. However, the other points above are still valid and someone has to organise everything and promote the trip within the club.

So if you want to get involved, don’t be afraid to have a go!