Club membership is being moved to a Common Renewal Date of the 1st April.

We are endevouring to get everyone moved to this renewal date for 2010.

The reasons for doing this are as follows:

  • Create a once a year process to carry out the core of the branch membership administration
  • To help ensure all paperwork is filled correctly and medicals are registered at a common date
  • Make accounting, especially for gift aid, simpler
  • Provide the club with a clear core financial budget to run on just prior to the main diving season
  • Use this as an opportunity to get as many members as possible to come down to the club as a linked social event related to renewals, this should also mean that with the core of the clubs members hopefully present, plans for the years diving can be presented as well.

So far the process is running quite smoothly and we are on target to get everyones renewal date modified.

As usual, any membership queries or issues should be raised with Colin Matthews, Membership Secretary.