The Shark Trust aims to conserve shark populations through science, education, influence and education and therefore works with the general public, divers, boat owners, politicians and fishermen.

We were joined by Mark Bradfield, the regional secretary of the Shark Trust for a talk entitled ‘Dangerous, or endangered?’. This was a well attended evening and we all gathered to hear more about the threats to sharks by overfishing and finning, information on different types of sharks, shark diving in the UK and shark attacks.

Mark’s enthusiasm for this topic was apparent and he kept us all quiet for about an hour whilst he gave his presentation showing us some fantastic photographs of the various encounters he had experienced. Once he finished though there were a lot of questions from everyone and many shark tales (not fins!) were swapped over a pint at the bar.

A number of our club are members of the Shark Trust and we as a club have been involved in recording our basking shark sightings following a number of our trips to the West Coast of Scotland and in Cornwall.