Following on from Mark Bradfield’s talk on overfishing and finning in relation to Sharks a group of us decided to go to South Hill Arts Centre in Bracknell to watch ‘The End of the Line’ which follows Charles Clover, a reporter as he confronts politicians and celebrity restaurant owners over their disregard for sustainable fish stocks as well as looking at the damage to the bluefin tuna population.

One of the really shocking facts quoted was that some scientists have predicted the end of most of our seafood by 2048. Much of the information provided was dire with many fishermen breaking quotas and with all of the equipment the modern, huge boats have there really is no escape for the shoals of fish they are pursuing. We really are the top predator in the food chain, with sonar, spotter planes and vast nets our weapons.

It was a thought provoking evening and rather depressing in all honesty, especially as a social event, but something everyone should at least consider. We did all download a copy of the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Good Fish Guide’ after which advises on the types of
fish you can eat and how they are caught.