Ocean Diver

If you are keen to start exploring the underwater world then why not become an Ocean Diver – BSAC’s entry level dive qualification.
You will be trained by one of our experienced club instructors, and by the time you have completed your course, you will have experienced your first open water dives.

Find out more about becoming an Ocean Diver. But if you want to get your fins wet before taking this next step, take one of our Try Dives first.

Progress your training

Gaining your Ocean Diver qualification could be just the beginning of your diving ambitions. We currently have members of our club training to be Sports Divers, Dive Leaders, and Advanced Divers. If you are already a qualified diver and are looking to take the next steps, you can find out more about progressing your training with our club here.

Other training

Our club also offer a number of other relevant skills courses, such as: boat handling, oxygen administration and more. There’s also a wealth of specialist courses that our club members take through BSAC. Why not find out about other training courses on offer.

Non BSAC divers

Reading BSAC welcomes divers already trained by recognized organisations, whether recreational, commercial or military. Divers can join BSAC and enjoy training with our BSAC club. Find out more for non BSAC divers.

If you only wish to dive with our club, you can join our sister club, TVSAC. See the membership page for further information.