So you have gone through to Sports Diver and been diving in the branch, building up real world diving experience in different conditions.

You can now consider signing up for the ‘Instructor Foundation Course’, this is the first rung on the ladder to an instructing qualification, it doesn’t teach you about diving as much as it teaches you about teaching. This qualification allows you to start to assist a nationally qualified instructor in the pool.

This is as far as you can go whilst your own diving is at Sports Diver, but its an excellent starting point and the IFC is considered to be an superb course by those who have taken it.

To progress further you must first obtain your Dive Leader qualification within the Branch, best get going diving then…

The qualification route then moves to an Open Water Instructor Course (OWIC), followed by the Theory Instructor Exam (TIE) and Practical Instructor Exam (PIE).

Once these are completed you are a fully qualified instructor and can teach the BSAC courses up to Dive Leader in both the pool and open water.