If you are already an Ocean Diver (or equivalent) and wish to progress your training further, our club can instruct you to become a:

  • BSAC Sports Diver
  • BSAC Dive Leader
  • BSAC Advanced Diver

Sports Diver

This qualification is building on your diving skills and experience, allowing you to:

  • Extend your diving range
  • Expand the type of dives you can go on
  • Enhance your diving capabilities

The course is structured in a similar way to the Ocean Diver course with a mix of classroom, sheltered and open water training. Qualified Sports Divers are ready to:

  • Take part in dives with other Sports Divers or higher
  • Build depth progressively to a maximum of 35m after qualifying
  • Start the first stage of becoming an instructor

Dive Leader

This qualification focuses on the responsibilities and safety considerations when leading other divers.

Not only will you be a more confident diver, able to be more involved with the dive planning and organisation of trips, but once qualified, you will be able to:

  • Progress your diving to a maximum depth of 50m
  • Train as an Open Water Instructor

Advanced Diver

This course – unlike the previous levels – concentrates less on lessons and more on broadening your experience of as wide a range of conditions as possible. You will need to be planning dives at different sites and under different circumstances. Other related skills will also be explored, such as:

  • Using small boats
  • Chartwork
  • Navigation, etc

Once qualified you will:

  • Be considered by BSAC to be a fully trained diver
  • Be eligible to progress to Advanced Instructor